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Welcome Letter From The Editor

Dear Webmaster,

Getting your Website recognized these days isn't easy. Did you know that there are more than 66.3 million domain names registered as of January 2005? Furthermore, more than 50% of those domain names were registered in the United States. With more domain names than U.S. brick and mortar businesses, the competition is fierce. And every day new competitors are entering the marketplace.

Webmaster Techniques Magazine has been designed as a free Internet resource for Webmasters, Website owners, and Web marketers. The purpose of the magazine is to help you define your Website's success through design, marketing, free Web scripts, product reviews, tools, and insight.

Through Webmaster Techniques Magazine, you will be able to access knowledge, tips, techniques, and tools that can help give you a competitive edge online.

As editor of Webmaster Techniques Magazine, I am dedicated to making sure you have the material and knowledge to define your Website's success while taking it to the next level.

I look forward to serving you now and in the future as we embark on a journey to make the Internet a friendly and profitable environment for your Website and your visitors.

Best Wishes

Joe Tracy, editor
Webmaster Techniques Magazine

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