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Press Room - Overview
Welcome to the Webmaster Techniques Magazine Press Room, where you can get the latest information on Webmaster Techniques Magazine, including:

The idea of Webmaster Techniques Magazine was first conceived in March 1999 in order to provide Webmasters with the latest news, tips, techniques, and reviews to help define their Website's success. The online magazine started beta testing in early 2000 and officially opened to the public on Wednesday, May 3, 2000.

Webmaster Techniques Magazine is an online publication that is free to the public. It is funded by the editor, Joe Tracy, and is currently privately held.

Tracy has an extensive background in the publishing industry, including being the founding editor and associate publisher of Advanstar Communications leading computer animation FX print magazine, NewTekniques. Tracy is also the author of three books including the well-received Web Marketing Applied book in January 2000. Tracy is also author of the ebook, "55 Vital Web Marketing Strategies for Marketing Your Website".

Webmaster Techniques Magazine is dedicated to helping Webmasters define their Website's success while taking it to the next level. With strong competition among Websites online, Webmaster Techniques seeks to help readers distance themselves from their competitors.

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