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Webmaster Techniques Magazine's
Review Philosophy

Dear Reader,

Webmaster Techniques Magazine is dedicated to bringing you very detailed reviews of products and services that are important to Webmasters. In making sure you get the most honest and detailed review possible, we have outlined the following requirements for reviewing a product or service:

1) The reviewer must use the product on a regular basis versus just obtaining it and using it once or twice for review purposes. We feel reviews can be much more insightful and beneficial to you if the reviewer knows the product inside and out from constantly using it.

2) There must be images. Many reviews are hindered by a lack of images that give a true visual of the product being reviewed. It is our goal to have a minimum of five images per review.

3) The review must be 100% honest. No matter what the consequences, it is vital that reviews are always 100% honest. This includes disclosing both the positive and negative features of a product and where improvements can be made.

4) The reviewer must create a real world application. The one thing lacking in most traditional reviews is an example of something built with the product. With Webmaster Techniques Magazine, if a reviewer is reviewing a Website building program (like Dreamweaver, Front Page 2000, etc.) then he/she must build a Website with the program and link to it from the review so that people can see the finished results.

5) Reviews must be strict and honest. If a product gets a very high 9-10 rating from Webmaster Techniques Magazine you'll know it's a great product. How? Because Webmaster Techniques Magazine sets very high standards for product reviews and it is very rare one gets a 9 or 10 rating.

We hope that our high standards in reviewing products and services will be of great assistance in helping you make informed decisions.


Joe Tracy, editor
Webmaster Techniques Magazine

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