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May 2001 News Archives

May 1, 2001
Remarkable Transformation for Internet in India
States Lose $1.4 Billion From Online Tobacco Sales

May 2, 2001
Certain Firms Increase Online Ad Presence
Consumers Indifferent to Online Sales Tax!

May 3, 2001
Korea's BtoCE Opportunity Will Remain Robust
Broadband Access: Down Under

May 4, 2001
Online Data Sharing Will Reinvent Europe's Healthcare

May 5, 2001
Online and Offline Safety Poll

May 6, 2001
European Internet Commerce Is Growing Steadily

May 7, 2001
$25 Billion Potentially Lost Due To Poor Web Performance
Online Affinity Banks Are Succeeding

May 8, 2001
Residential Internet Service Providers in Japan Study

May 9, 2001
800 Million Wireless Data Users Worldwide by 2004
Emergence of "True" Global E-Businesses 5 Years Away

May 10, 2001
One-Fifth Of UK Electorate Would Vote Online Today
Retailers Unprepared To Resell Goods Returned Online

May 11, 2001
Internet Revolution in Banking Reaches FOREX
Partnerships Will Expand eLogistics Opportunities

May 12, 2001
Microsoft - The Good, The Bad, and The.NET

May 13, 2001
Post-Dot.Crash Rx: Emerging Economies

May 14, 2001
BBC, Sky, And Will Dominate UK Online Sports
Analytics Will Be a Hot Career Choice

May 15, 2001
Poor Online Service = Frustration and Abandoned Sales
ISPs Develop Into Product Channel

May 16, 2001
Consumers Spent $4.3 Billion Online In April
European Online B2B Trade Can Soar

May 17, 2001
UK Employers: Internet Valuable Recruitment Channel

May 18, 2001
Death of the Web is Inevitable

May 19, 2001
Poor Customer Service Will Erode Online B2B Relations

May 20, 2001
Strong Adoption of eRecruiting Services

May 21, 2001
True Depth for E-Commerce, Entertainment, and Education
by D. Douglas Graham

May 22, 2001
Death of Online Retail Reports Greatly Exaggerated

May 23, 2001
B2B Fastest Growing Use Of Private Trading Networks

May 24, 2001
Interactive Europe Must Look Beyond the Banner Ad

May 25, 2001
$5 Trillion in eCommerce from One Billion Users

May 26, 2001
Mothers Day Sites Do Well - Flower Delivery Falls Short

May 27, 2001
B2B Buyers Will Increasingly Trade Online

May 28, 2001
ISPs Develop Into Product Channels

May 29, 2001
Uncle Sam Making Money Online - $3.6 Billion!

May 30, 2001
E-Commerce Trends: From Transaction to Fraud

May 31, 2001
Great User Experience Key to Online Success