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March 2001 News Archives

March 1, 2001
AOL - Time Warner Get 1/3 of Internet Users Attention
Internet Usage by Physicians Increasing

March 2, 2001
Digital Archives Represent $6.3 Billion Market Opportunity
eBusiness: Start with an Agreed Upon Plan

March 3, 2001
B2B Internet Billing to Triple by End of 2002

March 4, 2001
Entertainment Sites - More Self-promotional Online Ads

March 5, 2001
Companies Need Better Privacy Approach
Consumers Spent $3 Billion Online In January

March 6, 2001
Are eHealth Consumers Reading Your Ad?
Macintosh Users Most Loyal

March 7, 2001
UK Online Leisure Travel Will Reach £3.7 Billion
Report on Visitors to Banking & Investment Sites

March 8, 2001
Web Traffic Becoming Less Concentrated
Dot.Com Fallout a Boon to Job Search Sites

March 9, 2001
U.S. Wireless Web Users To Grow To 96.0 Million

March 10, 2001
B2B Buyers To Move Online Despite Slow Growth

March 11, 2001
Computer Server Blades "Revolutionary"

March 12, 2001
Worldwide Server Revenue Totaled $54 Billion in 2000
Java Careers Still Hot

March 13, 2001
Internet "Not Important" For Movie Distribution
DSL Gains On Cable Modem

March 14, 2001
Luxury Shoppers Want Different eCommerce Experience
B2B Internet Commerce to Reach $8.5 Trillion

March 15, 2001, Top European Web Destinations
Yankee Group's "Best Online Retailers" List

March 16, 2001
One in Seven Britons Online Use Streaming Media
PC-Based Internet To Be Eclipsed In Europe By ITV

March 17, 2001
Americans Blame Greed and Clueless Executives
for the Dot-com Meltdown

March 18, 2001
Only 37% of Practicing Doctors Use the Web

March 19, 2001
Women-Owned Businesses Spent $18.5 Billion Online
Internet Not Displacing Offline Banking Transactions

March 20, 2001
New Revenue Opportunities Ahead for Content Producers
Mobile Portals Will Not Drive WAP Site Traffic

March 21, 2001
eMarketplace Savings Will Come At A Great Cost

March 22, 2001
Portals, Invaders, And Local Grocers Ignite Online Retail

March 23, 2001
UK Online Retailers Must Return To Merchandising Basics
Poor Online Service Drives Away Brick & Mortar Customers

March 24, 2001
Internet Retailers Need to Evaluate Webstores

March 25, 2001
One Third of Taxpayers to File Online This Year

March 26, 2001
eRecruiting Firms Show Impressive Growth
Online Travel Industry Captures $1.2 Billion in January

March 27, 2001
Websites Not Following IAB Web Standards for Ads
UK Retail Banks Need Core Web Service

March 28, 2001
DMA Urges Congress on Internet Tax Legislation
Accountants Need Not Fear Online Tax Filing Growth

March 29, 2001
Consumers Spent $3.4 Billion Online In February
Study Reveals Enhanced Rich-Media Usage

March 30, 2001
Where Internet Security Investment Dollars Will Go in 2001

March 31, 2001
Mass Victimization Internet Crime Will Happen Before 2003