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January 2001 News Archives

January 1, 2001
Retail Internet Fraud Is 12 Times Higher Than Offline Fraud

January 2, 2001
Online Spending Projections Were On The Mark
Websites Invested $22 Billion in Website Services in 2000

January 3, 2001
Holiday Online Shopping Lags in Final Week
Leaders in Charge to Sell Auto Insurance on the Web

January 4, 2001
eSocializing Outpaces eCommerce
Canadian Cyber Laws Among the Strongest

January 5, 2001
Infrastructure Spending by eMarketplaces to Reach $80.9 Billion
33% of Website Budgets go to Maintenance & Design

January 6, 2001
European eLearning Market to Grow to $4 Billion by 2004

January 7, 2001
Results Of Holiday 2000 Online-Shopping Season
Unsolicited Ad Faxes Illegal, But Not Email SPAM

January 8, 2001
Improving Doctor-Patient Relations on the Internet
European Online Travel Market Will Reach $10.9 Billion in 2002

January 9, 2001
Consumers Will Not Embrase eSignature Technology
B2B eCommerce Revenues Will Triple This Year

January 10, 2001
Global Picture of Internet Usage
Canada B2B Trade to Reach C$272 Billion by 2005

January 11, 2001
B2B Technology Behaviour
QVC Top Shop in Latest PowerRankings

January 12, 2001
Asia Pacific To Outpace US Online Population by 2005
December Boom in Buying Activity for Top E-tailers

January 13, 2001
XML: The Dash for Interoperability

January 14, 2001
PSA Revenue to Reach $3 Billion by 2004

January 15, 2001
87% of E-Crimes are Directly Related to Online Auction
Only 5% of World Population Regularly Use the Internet

January 16, 2001
Satisfaction: Internet Pure Play Sites Beat Brick-and-Mortars
Tradional Means Used for Person-to-Person Payments

January 17, 2001
Online Apparel Sales and The Year Ahead
Growth of the Direct Marketing Industry Online

January 18, 2001
Streaming Media More Effective Than Banners
Online Sales Increased by 54% Over Holiday Season

January 19, 2001
80% of Firms Will Buy Online in 2003, But Only 40% Will Sell
Latin America Mobile Internet Usage To Beat Pc-Based Access

January 20, 2001
A Look at the Australian Internet Economy

January 21, 2001
Successfully Fighting Internet Credit Card Fraud

January 22, 2001
Online Shopping Grows, But Satisfaction Slips
Internet Radio Audience Grows From Holiday Lows

January 23, 2001
Media & Streaming Media Players on 99% of Computers
NAPM and Forrester's Report on eBusiness

January 24, 2001
Online Holiday Shopping 2000: A Tale of Two Christmases
Europe's eSecurity Services Tops $1.5 Billion in 2000

January 25, 2001
Online Advertising Will Rise To $42 Billion By 2005
New Revenue Opportunity For Portals and ISPs

January 26, 2001
Online Retail Still Entices Customers Despite Turbulence
Work Broadband Connections will Double

January 27, 2001 Wins Power Rankings - Partly Due to Free Shipping and Strong Customer Service

January 28, 2001
Online Loyalty Tied to Email Marketing?
B2C Shakeout Continues

January 29, 2001
Consumers Spent $6.1 Billion Online in December
75% of Children Willing to Give Out Private Family Info

January 30, 2001
74% Growth For European Online This Year
Best-In-Class e-Health Websites

January 31, 2001
Internet becoming Greater Challenge for CEOs
Customer Relationship Management Market to Exceed $24b