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September 2000 News Archives

September 1, 2000
Media Metrix: Big Brother is Big on the Web
AllAdvantage Fires 100 More Employees

September 2, 2000
Report Urges Light Internet Regulation
It's Beginning to "Ad" Up

September 3, 2000
Number of Consumers Online Increases 24%

September 4, 2000
More Women Online, Cultivating Relationships
Happy Labor Day!

September 5, 2000
Web Bugs Create Privacy Concerns

September 6, 2000
Home Offices Approach 37 Million Because of the Internet

September 7, 2000
Mobile And iDTV Commerce Won't Meet Expectations
A Look at the Latest Internet Statistics
Dot-Com Shakeout Fears Continue for the Rest of the Year

September 8, 2000
Internet Will Force Brand Management to Evolve
Click and Sniff Computers Due Soon

September 9, 2000
New Teen Online Payment Options Could be Gold for eTailers
Internet Becoming a Staple in U.S. Education

September 10, 2000
Web Retailers Neglecting Web Technologies
Companies Dropping ".com" From Their Names

September 11, 2000
Dot Com Advertisers Outnumber Traditional Advertisers Online
Majority of Online Ad Banners Have Short Life Spans

September 12, 2000
Privacy Concerns with Web Ads Increases Banning Software
Web Visitors Important, but Head Count Hard to Determine

September 13, 2000
Global E-Commerce Will Crush Supply Chains
U.S. Tops E-Commerce Spending... By Far

September 14, 2000
Internet to Influence Kid and Teen Spending Offline
Online Advertisers Dodge Kids

September 15, 2000
Family Advertising Increases While Kid Advertising Decreases
Virtual Shops Need Real Clerks

September 16, 2000
B2C Sites Scramble to Add Customer Service Features
Government Web Use Criticized

September 17, 2000
Commodity Buyers to Keep Costs Down with Online Exchanges

September 18, 2000
Purchases of Web-Related Technology Now Imperative
Internet Strategies for a Competive Advantage

September 19, 2000
$12 Billion to be Spent on Christmas Shopping Online

September 20, 2000
Christmas Sales to Double
E-Therapy Gains Momentum

September 21, 2000
Newest Online Target Group: Retirees
Websites Start Looking at Super Bowl Spots

September 22, 2000
Back to School Activity Boosts Online Spending

September 23, 2000
German Online Ad Market Grows in July

September 24, 2000
Europe's Mobile Internet Will Flourish By 2005

September 25, 2000
HealthCare Sites First Stop for 1/3 of Medical Advice Seekers

September 26, 2000
Online College Bookstore Traffic Falters in August

September 27, 2000
Online Retail Alive and Well

September 28, 2000
B-to-B is Driving Financial Institutions to XML
Online Customer Service Part of B2B Relationships

September 29, 2000
Online Customer Service Spending: $297 Million by 2005
Companies Missing Chance to Influence Customers

September 30, 2000
European Consumer Internet Penetration Growing Fast
"People Issues" Top Challenge in E-World