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October 2000 News Archives

October 1, 2000
E-Signatures Legal as of Today

October 2, 2000
FTC Demands Dot-Com Christmas Delivery

October 3, 2000
78% of Those Downloading Music Don't Think It's Stealing

October 4, 2000
Intermediaries Revolutionize UK Online Retail Fulfilment

October 5, 2000
Olympics Online: Old Media Beats New Media
A Web Safety Check

October 6, 2000
A Look at Asian Internet Markets
Beyond Today's Turning Point for Net Business

October 7, 2000
Dot Com Companies Hiring Security Guards
Internet Viruses Cost Worldwide Economy $1.5 Trillion
Republicans Outnumber Democrats on the Web

October 8, 2000
Some Potential Top Level Domains are Very Strange
Silicon Valley Feels the Strain

October 9, 2000
US Consumers to Move Third Of Investment Dollars Online
B2B Online Trade to Rise to $6.3 Trillion

October 10, 2000
Over 30 Million Domain Names Registered
Luxury Sites Revamp Credit Plans

October 11, 2000
A Look at France's Online Advertising Market
Net Markets Will Quadruple Within Two Years

October 12, 2000
Privacy Policy Satisfaction Breeds Shopping Comfort Online
Online Used Car Market a Threat to Dealers

October 13, 2000
90% of Web Users Plan to Vote in This Year's Elections
Law Enforcement Moves Online

October 14, 2000
Building a Better E-Business
Amazon Tastes its own Patent-Pending Medicine

October 15, 2000
Brick and Mortar Houses Still Rule Over Internet
Ford Uses Internet for Customer Customization

October 16, 2000
Best 20 Practices for Corporate Career Websites
Dot Commers Now Seeking Stability Over Stock Options

October 17, 2000
Online Retail Activity Flat in September
Etailers Hit the Relaunch Key

October 18, 2000
Content Delivery Network Services in Demand
The Failure of Venture Capitalist Backed Sites

October 19, 2000
Second Mortgage eMarketplaces Face Stiff Competition
Little Future in Dot Coms

October 20, 2000
Strong Growth Expected in Internet Security Software Market
Fears About Online Ad Spending are Unfounded

October 21, 2000
Online Sales of Small Ticket Items at an All Time High
Mobile Web: Faster Sells Better

October 22, 2000
Where is the Wireless Web?
Wireless Future Tangled in Red Tape

October 23, 2000
Annuity Web Sites Shifting from Information to Distribution
Dot Coms: What Have We Learned?

October 24, 2000
JX Market Report: Online Users
Ads Drive Content-Driven Sites

October 25, 2000
Banks are Best Positioned to Attract Online Traders in Europe
Don't Count AltaVista Out

October 26, 2000
eBusiness Growing Pains Spell Opportunity for Services Firms
The Harder Dot Com: Jobs Are First to Go

October 27, 2000
Young Net Surfers Tomorrow's Financial Consumers

October 28, 2000
60% of B2B Companies Now Globalized
Hollywood and the Internet: Full Steam Ahead

October 29, 2000
B2B Market Missing Larger Revenue Opportunities
Silicon Alley's Dimming Lights

October 30, 2000
eBusiness Seen As Important Source of New Growth
Preteens to Parents: "Worry About TV, Not The Web"

October 31, 2000
Broadband Content: TV Versus PC
Web Merchants Make Good on Hype... Finally