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Sunday - May 28, 2000

Dot Com Advertising Invades Indy 500

The Indy 500 will never be the same now that the dot com world has invaded it. Whether it is a dot com ad imposed in a part of the racing track or a car decked out in URLs, this year's Indy 500 looks more like a dot com venture. According to USA Today:

"And other types of dot-com businesses -- including,,, and -- have paid to put their logos on cars, too. Why?

'I guess it's the same reason as why there's a lot of dot-com commercials at the Super Bowl,' says Al Unser Jr., returning to Indy in the car. 'It's the way of the future. The Internet companies are just exploding. wanted to get their name out there.'

Jay Gladden, a professor of sports studies at the University of Massachusetts, compares it to the dot-coms' sponsorship of several college football bowl games. With thousands of sites out there, name recognition is vital.

Northern Light and the other dot-com sponsors are hoping for recognition through repetition. 'It's just like a bowl game,' Gladden says. '(Names are) going to be repeated throughout the series.'

Click here to read the full article. [Link no longer active]


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