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Tuesday - May 16, 2000

Some Finding Stock Options Worthless

According to Digital Mass:

"A growing number of high-tech and Internet employees enticed to start-ups by huge stock options are ending up in court, charging their employers with wriggling out of stock deals after hitting the big time.

Some workers say they have been fired within days of being able to exercise options, while others say they have been demoted in the hope they would simply leave the job and their stock options behind.

Recent national studies show that as many as one in five American workers are eligible for some kind of stock option plan. And with unemployment rates hitting historic lows, cash-strapped start-ups are increasingly making stock options a key part of their pitches to prospective employees, dangling the possibility of a big payday if the stock takes off.

Only when the dizzying rush to get a business off the ground is over - and executives face scrutiny from venture capitalists, corporate-merger partners, and stockholders - does stock-option hangover hit..."

Click here for the full story. [Link no longer active]


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