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Saturday - May 13, 2000

Reading the Dots in Ads

According to Beyond 2000:

" Next time you're sitting at home reading your favourite newspaper, why not download a couple of video clips from its thin, crinkly pages? Or perhaps you're perusing a glossy magazine advertisement for the latest model of your dream car. Well, just reach into the manufacturer's logo and extract the 30-page brochure. Maybe you're really groovin' to a new tune you found on your favourite MP3 site. You'd like to share the song with a friend but he doesn't have Internet access at work. So? Fax it to him.

Getting confused? Consumers in Japan aren't. Their biggest-selling newspaper now includes the occasional cluster of black and white dots, which, using a scanner, can be converted into computer files. That field of random-looking static turns out to be a high-resolution picture, a video clip or a Word document. And it's all possible thanks to the Israeli military..."

Click here for the full story. [Link no longer active]


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