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Saturday - May 6, 2000

Supervirus Around the Corner

According to SHNS:

"You sit at your desk, park your coffee next to your mouse, fire up your computer and click to check your e-mail. And in that one tiny movement, before you have even looked to see if there are any suspicious messages, it could be too late.

Just by clicking on your 'Get Mail' you could have turned your PC into a pile of useless plastic. It is every computer user's worst nightmare, and it's coming soon to a screen near you. Brace yourself for the supervirus.

Meanwhile, the 'love bug' has given us all a taste of what could be coming. Though its creator must be concerned about the police knocking on his door within hours, he must also be feeling fairly pleased with himself. The virus he set loose on the world on Thursday has already caused millions of dollars' worth of damage, more than any other virus or hacking attack since the dawn of cyberhistory.

The program worked because it was simple. It lay dormant for nearly a week before surfacing on computer screens in Hong Kong. The message _ seemingly sent by someone known to the computer user _ said 'ILOVEYOU' and had an attachment which appeared to be a love letter..."

Click here for the full story. [Link no longer active]


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