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Wednesday - May 3, 2000

Newspapers Begin Hyperlinking to Websites

Many newspapers throughout the U.S. are planning on offering readers hyperlinks, where a quick scan of a code in an article can direct you to a specific Website. One of the first newspapers to try this concept is the Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina. On Monday, 100 readers with special code-reading pens tested out the concept. As the test group read the newspaper, they could wave the pen over a hyperlinked code, which instantly loaded the site mentioned onto their computer. Besides articles, the concept is expected to become popular with advertisers.

Dot-Coms May Be Ducking Ad Bills
According to USA Today:

"There's a new threat stalking the ad business: the deadbeat dot-com.

Internet start-ups that couldn't or wouldn't pay their bills were more ''urban legend'' than reality last year, as Web clients pumped $3.1 billion into the coffers of ad agencies and media companies.

But as the Internet bubble bursts, stories of cyberspace clients allegedly not paying their debts are starting to emerge. More horror stories are expected as dot-coms with big advertising appetites but little cash go belly up..."

Click here for the full story. [Link no longer active]

Free Online Magazine Opens for Webmasters
New Webmaster Techniques Magazine, a free online magazine for Webmasters, has officially launched for Website owners, marketers, and Webmasters.

"We're pleased to offer Webmasters a publication that will help them define their Website's success," says Joe Tracy, editor of Webmaster Techniques Magazine and author of the Internet marketing book, Web Marketing Applied. "Competition on the Web is fierce and we are confident that our readers will discover a competitive edge through the regular features in Webmaster Techniques Magazine."

From the recently passed Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to which companies are trying to stiff Websites with affiliate changes, Webmaster Techniques Magazine dives into the world of Webmasters and expands upon it for maximum results.

"There are over 10 million domain names registered and more than 50% of those domain names were registered in the United States," says Tracy. "The number of businesses on the Web easily outweighs brick and mortar businesses. This creates stiff competition from Search Engine rankings to profitability that we address in Webmaster Techniques."

Webmaster Techniques Magazine features daily news (including updates on holidays), tools like a Meta Tag generator, Insight into issues like COPPA, reviews of Website related products, features, and links to free CGI scripts.

Access to Webmaster Techniques Magazine is through

About Webmaster Techniques Magazine
Webmaster Techniques Magazine is a leading provider of tools, tips, techniques, news, and Insight for Webmasters and Website owners. The publication is updated 365 days a year, including Christmas day.


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