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May 2000 News Archives

May 1, 2000
Parenting at Internet Speed
Gradschools Survey Reveals Internet Habits for Grad Students

May 2, 2000
A Sea of Change in Search Engine Strategy
Customized Pricing To Temper Online Price Competition

May 3, 2000
Newspapers Begin Hyperlinking to Websites
Dot-Coms May be Ducking Ad Bills
Free Online Magazine Opens for Webmasters

May 4, 2000
Ready to Smell the Internet? Uses New Unique Ad Distribution Method
Websites Cause George Lucas to Reverse Star Wars Decision

May 5, 2000
Quebec Threatens English-Only Websites!

May 6, 2000
Supervirus Around the Corner

May 7, 2000
Startups Wasting Money on Overcharges

May 8, 2000
eCommerce Software Spending will Continue to Skyrocket
Preparing for an IPO

May 9, 2000
Competition Intense for MIT's $50,000 Start-Up Prize
Nickelodeon Closes Ecommerce Site

May 10, 2000
CBS Rejects Christian Dot Com Ads
Wheelhouse to Host 'Top 10 eMarketing Challenges' Seminar

May 11, 2000
Warning Issued About "South Park" Virus
Network Associates Addresses Love Virus to Congress

May 12, 2000
Parents Unclear on COPPA Law
Forbes Magazine: "When the Music Stops"

May 13, 2000
Reading the Dots in Ads

May 14, 2000
Dot-Com Headhunters

May 15, 2000
Unleashing the Monster of Email Marketing

May 16, 2000
Some Finding Stock Options Worthless

May 17, 2000
Study Eyes Child Privacy Online
Europe's Traditional Media Struggle Online

May 18, 2000
Funeral Homes Find Way to Web
IDC Expects Surge in Live Voice Web Communications

May 19, 2000
Amway Blames Web for Job Cuts
Consumer Spending Springs Ahead in New Season

May 20, 2000
Websites Target Women Surfers
Ecommerce to Grow by 11 Million More Consumers

May 21, 2000
Irish Companies Need to Improve eMarketing

May 22, 2000
Online Grocers Will Succeed Eventually
Internet Users Like Choosing News

May 23, 2000
Dot Com Distress
FTC Asks for Further Internet Regulation Rights
Online Privacy Legislation Will Break In Separate Waves

May 24, 2000
Online Retailers Missing Great Opportunity
Loyalty Programs Fail to Create Loyalty

May 25, 2000
Growth of European Online Retail Market May Reverse Lead
Monitoring Your Online Reputation

May 26, 2000
Media Sites Must Change Strategy to Succeed
CNET: Majority of B2B Firms to Vanish

May 27, 2000
Dot Com Toy Sellers Dominate Traditional Toy Sellers

May 28, 2000
Dot Com Advertising Invades Indy 500

May 29, 2000
In Silicon Valley, Loyalty Means Paying a High Price

May 30, 2000
Half of US Small Businesses Embrace the Web

May 31, 2000
Service Companies in Need of More Value and Relations