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July 2000 News Archives

July 1, 2000
Online PC Sales Increasing Rapidly

July 2, 2000
Progressive Retailers Integrate Bricks with Clicks

July 3, 2000
U.S. Internet B2B Trade will Soar to $6 Trillion
Police May Monitor Email in the UK

July 4, 2000
How to Protect Your Network

July 5, 2000 Named Fittest Online Health Siteo
Online Jewelry Sales to Exceed $1 Billion in 2004

July 6, 2000
Net Elections Will Shape Online Use
Global Business Imperatives Demand Multilingual Sites

July 7, 2000
IP - The P.O. Box of the Future
UK Media Companies Need Allies and Content to Survive

July 8, 2000
B2B Sites Raise Regulator Questions

July 9, 2000
Online Retailers Try Printed Catalogs

July 10, 2000
$3 Billion to be Spent on Online Sporting Goods
Internet Health Commerce to Reach $10 Billion

July 11, 2000
Saturday Most Popular for Surfing the Web
Top Web and Digital Media Properties for May 2000

July 12, 2000
Professors Seek Online Standards
Internet Advertising Not Dead Yet

July 13, 2000
Pay to Surf Not Paying Off
They're Still Making the Dot Com Jump

July 14, 2000
Lawyers Wrestle with Online Privacy
Reality Check: The State of E-Commerce

July 15, 2000
Ignore "Homeless" Surfers at Your Peril

July 16, 2000
New Web Domains on the Way

July 17, 2000
AltaVista Search Popularity Nearly Doubles
Sites that Simplify the Web Show Big Number Gains

July 18, 2000
A Web Browser for Parrots
Online Pharmacies to Jump on E-commerce Bandwagon

July 19, 2000
Putting Trust Online
European Financial Institutions Not Ready for Portal Threat

July 20, 2000
800.COM Fends Off Amazon and in Electronics
Tax Free Internet is a Factor in Purchasing Online

July 21, 2000
Cheap Online Fares Hard to Find
New FBI System Could Abolish Internet Privacy

July 22, 2000
Online European Booksellers Feel the Amazon Effect

July 23, 2000
23 Million Americans to Bank Online by 2004

July 24, 2000
European Internet Security Measures are Flawed

July 25, 2000
Study of Napster Contradicts Music Industry's Internet Beliefs

July 26, 2000
China Internet Usage Reaches 12.3 Million
RealPlayer is Fourth Most Used Home Application

July 27, 2000
Record Labels Lag in Embracing the Net
Research on Online Trust in America Released

July 28, 2000
Dot Coms Compete for Laid Off Workers

July 29, 2000
US Online Music Market to Reach $5.4 Billion in 2005
One in Three in Taiwan Has Access to the Internet

July 30, 2000
Wireless Web Will Evolve as Consumer Interest is Realized

July 31, 2000
Digital Divide Runs Deepest in the South
Web 500 Times Bigger Than Originally Thought