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December 2000 News Archives

December 1, 2000
Consumers Will Spend $36 Billion for Online Gifts
Online Retailers Improve Site Infrastructure

December 2, 2000
Retail Sites Up By 40% in Unique Visitors
Web Talk Applications to Drive Telephony Growth

December 3, 2000
Shift to Online Shopping Continues
Top 10 High Traffic Websites

December 4, 2000
Online Retailers Being Cautious With Marketing
eBusiness Measurement is "Broken"

December 5, 2000
Internet Window Shopping Boosts Street Stores
Online Spending Up Thanksgiving Week

December 6, 2000
Physicians Need Valuable Online Applications
Swiss Lead Europe's Online Banking Wars

December 7, 2000
Health PowerRankings - Still #1
eRecruiting Sites: Great Expansion Opportunities

December 8, 2000
Online 8 to 12 Year-Olds Split Time While Watching TV
Computers The Top Online Retail Category

December 9, 2000
Pre-Holiday Shopping Creates Strong Presence
Link Between Employee Turnover and Customer Satisfaction

December 10, 2000
Cyber Crime: Weak Laws Threaten eCommerce
Entertainment Industry Missing Revenue Opportunities

December 11, 2000
Epoch Research Note on Online Holiday Shopping
Hottest Online Markets for Holiday Shopping

December 12, 2000
Opportunities in the Market for eProcurement Services
Europe's Firms Must Reassess Their EDI Plans

December 13, 2000
Over Half Of UK Adults Access Internet
Intelligent Content Caching Market is Exploding

December 14, 2000
Dynamic Pricing Plays Critical Role in the Growth of B2B
Supply Chains Will Materialize Through eMarketplaces

December 15, 2000
eServices Face Challenges
Online Polling Highly Accurate - Better than Phone Polls

December 16, 2000
Online Shopping Dominated by Brick and Mortars
Women New Majority in Online Gaming

December 17, 2000
Online Holiday Shopping Sees Dramatic Improvement

December 18, 2000
SmarterKids Outranking Toys R Us Online
40% of Websites in Unsatisfied With Clickstream Systems

December 19, 2000
Poor Online Customer Services Kills Holiday Mood
UCLA Forecasters See Recession on the Horizon

December 20, 2000
Financial Services Dot Coms Challenging Mutual Funds
eLearning Spending and Enrollment on Course to Grow

December 21, 2000
Online Spending Exceeds $6 Billion In November
Internet Integrator Industry Returns to Normalcy

December 22, 2000
eBooks Will Flop!
Worldwide, Online Shoppers Flock To Local E-Retailers

December 23, 2000
More Purchasers, Purchases and Spending Online Wins Apparel PowerRankings

December 24, 2000
Weekly Online Shopping Tops $1.5 Billion
Web Influences Purchases Made in Stores

December 25, 2000
Congregations Say Internet Helps Spiritual Life
Online Health Seekers Want Right to Sue for Privacy Violations

December 26, 2000
U.S. Voters Unsure About Online Voting
Most Internet Crimes Go Unpunished

December 27, 2000
Online Holiday Shoppers Take Fewer Chances
Online Credit Services Strengthen Bank Practices

December 28, 2000
Holiday Shopping Websites Receive Mixed Reviews
2000 Online Holiday Spending Peaks Over 1999 Levels

December 29, 2000
Average U.S. Internet User is 41 Years Old
Direct Marketers Report More Efficient Web Operations

December 30, 2000
eBusiness Technologies Submits Two Notes to Consortium
Top List of Website Failures The Week Before Christmas

December 31, 2000
A Look at Paying Bills Online
Three E-Marketplace Models Will Control B2B Market