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August 2000 News Archives

August 1, 2000
Did Deep Linking Really Get a Green Light?

August 2, 2000
Dot Com Ad Picture Brightens
27 Million Europeans to Have Broadband Access By 2005

August 3, 2000
Etailers Violate Privacy Policies
Online Home and Garden Market to Explode in Growth

August 4, 2000
Online Medicine Changes Patient/Doctor Relationship
American Etailers Take Europe by Storm

August 5, 2000
Best Airline Website? Continental.

August 6, 2000 Not a Best Seller

August 7, 2000
Europe's Internet Drought

August 8, 2000
Online New Car Sales to Exceed $128 Billion

August 9, 2000
First Quarter Internet Ad Revenues Almost Hit $2 Billion
Online Banking Becomes Differentiator

August 10, 2000
Race to Provide Emarketing Services Heats Up
When Websites Play Doctor

August 11, 2000
Women Outpace Men Online

August 12, 2000
Yahoo Battle Can Effect Webmasters
Value America Declares Bankruptcy

August 13, 2000
Company Tries to Turn Internet into Virtual Real Estate
Industrial Supplies Industry Thrives Online

August 14, 2000
Families Build Most Websites
Study Tackles Online Trust

August 15, 2000
Some Early Net Entrepreneurs Look for Ways Out
eMarketplaces to Create Opportunities in Latin America

August 16, 2000
German Online Ad Market Trails UK

August 17, 2000
Online Advertising to Boom Despite Dot Com Gloom

August 18, 2000
Spain and Italy Lag Behind in Online Shopping
Internet Media Banned from the Olympics!

August 19, 2000
Big Media Failing Online
eMarketplaces Will Create Opportunities for Latin America

August 20, 2000
B2B Advertising is Growing Segment for Online Publishers

August 21, 2000
Study Reveals Insight into Teen Surfing

August 22, 2000
86% of Internet Users: "Do Not Disclose Personal Information"

August 23, 2000
Brick and Mortar Brands Have Online Strength
The AltaVista "Scandal"

August 24, 2000
Dancing on Dot Com Graves
Increased Bandwidth Will Boost Interactivity

August 25, 2000
Multichannel Customer Service Increases Consumer Demand
FTC Sues Adult Websites

August 26, 2000
Political Websites Get Average Visitors During Conventions
Analysts Debat Free Net Calls

August 27, 2000
Accounting Professionals Embrace the Internet

August 28, 2000
52% of Home Computers Are Connected to the Internet

August 29, 2000
Online Insurance Shopping Next Area of Internet Expansion
Industrial Supplies Industry to Boom Online

August 30, 2000
Multichannel Shoppers Buy More Online and Offline
Online Auctions Top Fraud List

August 31, 2000
More Users to Come Online Via Television
U.S. Government to Collect Billions from the Net