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Top Free CGI Guestbook Scripts
Some Webmaster like to have a Guestbook on their site that people can sign. If you are one of these people, then below you will find what Webmaster Techniques Magazine has identified as the top three free Guestbook CGI scripts:

1) VizBook Version 1.57
VizBook Version 1.57 is a very nice and well organized Guestbook that isn't "clunky" like many others. There are literally dozens of options for this program, from private messages to visitor portrait images. Furthermore, VizBook Version 2.0 is currently in beta testing, making the best free CGI Guestbook even better.

2) Wolf Haven's Guestbook Version 3.0
Wolf Haven's Guestbook is another high-quality free CGI Guestbook that has many features and a very nice graphical interface. Besides supporting multiple Guestbooks, Wolf Haven's Guestbook has easy graphical editing capabilities for you to easily edit or delete entries. The actual sign up page is very nice and easy to use, including a scroll-down menu for easily viewing past entries. Easy step-by-step instructions help you set up the program.

3) Guestex Version 1.0
Guestex Version 1.0 has a simple, but nice, layout and includes features like allowing people to rate your Website, the ability for people to preview their listing before publishing it, and the ability to add multiple fields. In the scripts demo it had an AGE option. With the now COPPA law however, it may be best to remove that feature and add a note to your sign-in page that "because of the new COPPA law, only those age 13 or older may sign this guestbook."

Do you produce or know of a free Guestbook CGI script that you think is better than the above three? If so, email cgi@webmastertechniques.com with information on the Guestbook program, including a link. To qualify as a possible candidate for this site, the Guestbook program must be free to everyone (i.e. can't say "for non-commercial Websites only"). Furthermore, the Guestbook program cannot be a "light" version of another ad management program that a person must purchase in order to receive all the features.

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