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Increasing Ezine Subscriptions
by Joe Tracy

Ezines are one of the most preferred and personal means of providing valuable information to your Website visitors. Did you know that some ezines have more than 50,000 subscribers, earning more than $2,000 for just one text ad? Furthermore, some of these ezines have a waiting list of advertisers!

While 50,000 subscribers seems like an impossible task to those who have only 50 readers now, it isn't beyond your ability to drastically grow the number of subscribers to your ezine.

Below I have assembled 10 methods to help you drastically increase the number of people that subscribe to your ezine:

1) Have a consistent schedule. Put your ezine on a consistent schedule and never miss a publishing date. For example, can you realistically put out a high content and strong quality ezine every Tuesday evening? If so, then make sure it is publicly known that your ezine comes out once a week, every Tuesday evening. Then consistently deliver. Consistency is important in building the reputation of your ezine.

2) Provide quality content. Make sure your ezine is strong in content. People want fresh material and ideas that aren't already available on your Website. Make sure your ezine provides exclusive material that makes it worth reading. If a person receives an ezine that is only ads and links, chances are they will quickly unsubscribe or add you to their "block sender" list.

3) Register your ezine. Did you know that there are dozens of ezine directories and search engines scattered throughout the Web? Try a few of these for starters:


4) Give away promotional prizes. People love prizes and the chance to win a great product, which is why Websites like are so popular. Why not offer your ezine subscribers a chance to win a prize? I used to run an ezine where I'd hold a monthly drawing of newsletter subscribers and the winners would receive a free t-shirt or a prize aimed at the subject of the newsletter. The prizes become an additional added benefit for those who sign up and remain a member. Be sure to announce the winners in your ezine.

5) Offer and advertise sneak peeks. For me, the most effective method for increasing ezine subscriptions has been giving subscribers a "sneak peek" of stories, features, and Web areas. If you have a popular Website, and you offer a free advanced look at some of your content pages then you'll have people signing up just to get the information sooner. On one of my Websites, I used to post on the front page "New Newsletter Tonight - all subscribers will get a sneak peek of _____. Click here to sign up." I always saw a spike in subscriptions every time I did this.

6) Use internal banner ads. Whether you have banner advertising on your site or not, a great promotion method for your ezine is to create banners and use them internally. Spread these banners throughout your site with a link to your subscription page.

7) Archive your ezines. Make sure all your ezines are publicly archived so that new visitors can see the valuable information you provide. Many will sample your ezine before signing up. The better the content, the more subscriptions you'll receive. Also, if you are using a third party ezine hosting service, like Topica, be sure to use the public archive option so that everyone using those services can also view past issues. If you archive issues on your site be sure to add meta tags to those pages and submit them to search engines. Make sure each archived page has a way for new subscribers to sign up.

8) Provide reasons to subscribe. On your sign-up page, list many reasons that a visitor should sign up for your ezine. For example:

Online Dating Newsletter Subscribers receive:
- the latest online dating news.
- dating jokes and cartoons.
- free relationship advice.
- free creative date ideas.
- online dating tips.
- sneak peeks at new content.

The longer your list of reasons, the more likely a visitor will sign up for your ezine. Never lie to your visitor, however. If you list something as available in your newsletter then deliver it on a consistent basis.

9) Obtain testimonials. Ask your ezine subscribers to fill out a survey (with a great prize to be given, in a drawing, to one of the people who fills out the survey). As part of the survey ask "What do you like best about _____ ezine?" At the end of the survey have a yes and no box the person can check that asks "may we have your permission to quote your responses for marketing purposes?" Use methods like this to build your testimonial base then start using the testimonials to give new prospects more reasons to sign up for your ezine.

The more people you can generate to your Website, the better these tips will work in skyrocketing your ezine subscriptions. That's why you should learn strategic Web marketing techniques like those found in "55 Vital Web Marketing Strategies for Marketing Your Website." Most importantly, be consistent in your promotion and when the time is right, start making money by charging for ad space!


Joe Tracy is editor of Webmaster Techniques Magazine and author of Web Marketing Applied.

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